Soundproof Dog Houses | Mutt Haus
Discover our soundproof wooden dog houses, designed to provide your pet with comfort and tranquility. We offer quality and style for your dog.
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The soundproof wooden dog house, your buddy’s safe spot

Discover how Mutt Haus can help your dog enjoy a safer and happier life

Between 45% and 65% of dogs have anxiety and phobia to the loud noise of firecrackers, thunderstorms or similar.

Mutt Haus has a soundproof design, made of 100% certified wood, which avoids the suffering of dogs in front of these harmful loud noise situations.

100% Sustainable

Piece totally built responsibly with the environment.

Our wood is FSC certified, confirming that it is sourced from a forest managed in a way that preserves biodiversity and benefits the lives of local people and workers, while ensuring its economic sustainability.

Fully Customizable

For the size of the doghouse, we recommend one of the three sizes (S, M, L) that we have designed according to the size of your dog.
However, we can also provide you with a custom made dog house if you wish.

As for color, we have different types of wood to choose from.







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